Telkom Weapons Digitalization Broadcasting Industry

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) offers a number of solutions for the broadcast media sector (Broadcasting) to face the digital age.

This is demonstrated in the Media Sharing Session held at one of the cafes in South Jakarta on May 24, 2017 where a number of promising solutions can support the progress of the broadcast media sector towards digitalization. The event was attended by national media and television teams including Transgroup (TransTV, Trans7, Transvision), Kompas, ANTV, and Perum Film Negara (PFN).

Executive Vice President of Enteprise Service Division Telkom Siti Choiriana explained that with the growing market and advertising business and content in television media, of course, needed support of analytic data and reliable content delivery network.

“For analytic data, Telkom offers a media rating solution” Unics “, an” Amoeba “dropout product, a program designed to generate solutions and start-ups in Telkom, while for content delivery network, Telkom offers CDN (Content Delivery Network) through its subsidiary PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), “he said in a written statement on Friday (26/5).

The “Unics” media rating solution is a television viewing measurement tool that can provide information about the total views, ratings and shares of a program or television channel so that it can be used to analyze or determine top programs, top channels, peak hours, pre buy and post buy advertisements, or even analyzing the TV program being liked.

Using UseeTV data, data analysis is accurately, actual and real time from 1 million customers, in 300 cities from 34 provinces in Indonesia.

While the Content Delivery Network solution (CDN) is an effective solution that is becoming a trend to cope with peak time. A number of geographically dispersed servers serve to pass content to users. The principle is to provide information closer to the user so that the received information becomes faster.

The CDN server will distribute the content based on the user’s nearest location and store the content / information from the primary server so that it is ready to be provided to the user without having to retrieve the content back from the primary server.

General Manager of Media and Communication Segment of Telkom Enterprise Services Division Irena Santi Widjaya said Telin infrastructure network is strongly supported by Telkom with global coverage capability and 24 hour support service.

“Telkom is ready to solve the challenges in the broadcast media sector which is reflected in three things: Reliability, Availability and Performance,” said Siti Choiriana. (Ds-indotekno)