Rating Becomes Main Factor in Indonesian TV

Rude humor, illogical sinetrons, violent and non-educational shows are still a public spectacle on television in Indonesia.

Observer of public broadcast, Mohammed Heychael assess the subject of the television industry is caused by rating. Television viewer data is a nightmare for public frequencies.

“Referring to the rating released to the market just like that, it’s a big problem that causes industrial mechanisms to not give space on quality, broadcasts are not measured in quality, but as much as they are liked or watched,” Heychael told CNNIndonesia.com some time ago.

As a result, Heychael added, television workers are competing to pursue a rating to earn a high income from advertising.

In fact, according to him, the current rating can not be a reference because it does not test its validity and can not represent the people of Indonesia as a whole.

In Indonesia, the rating is measured by Nielsen by taking a sample of 2,273 households in 11 major cities in Indonesia.

“The reference can not be used for the people of Indonesia, because in big cities alone, even though the people of Indonesia is very much,” said the Director of Remotivi. Remotivi itself is a center of media and communication studies.

By comparison, Australia with the same population as Jakarta, has twice the number of samples from Indonesia.

Heychael suggested that Indonesia have state-sponsored Media Rating Council (MRC), such as in the United States in charge of evaluating and auditing rating measurements to verify their validity.

“Participation of the country is important to participate in ensuring that there is a validity of data and representative measurement of MRC,” he said.

In addition, Heychael said, to solve the problem of television is needed the assertiveness of the Public Broadcasting Commission (KPI) and people who are aware of quality or terliterasi.

Meanwhile, Chairman of KPI Yuliandre Darwis also see there is a phenomenon of pursuing the rating even though the concept of the program has not been ripe. He compared the South Korean drama series with Indonesian soap opera.

“The idea should have been created long ago, like Descendants of The Sun. The soap opera is when the episode is stuck at 20, then replace the idea [with a new title] If it’s not here, it’s good,” Yuliandre said when talking to CNNIndonesia.com.

In addition to competing to pursue the rating, continued Yuliandre, problems in the Indonesian television industry is also caused by the lack of original content.

“In addition, the problem is poor content because there are no ideas and resources that can create [content] as well as abroad,” he said.

According to Yuliandre, television activists should make broadcasts containing national values ​​that can be accepted by the wider community. He cited Bollywood footage that aired humanist broadcasts.

“Now the outer sinetron rating is always high, meaning in terms of content more humanist than so-invented Indonesian soap opera consumptive and hedonic,” said Yuliandre. (cnnindonesia)