High Rating Is Not The Major Reason For Advertisement

AC Nielsen, rating agency of the program in the mass media, revealed that a high rating on a television program is not the only consideration for the company to advertise on the program.

The main consideration of companies when advertising is the suitability of the audience background with their target customers. Of course it’s useless to advertise in a program whose rating is high but the audience does not need the advertised product.

“Advertisers already have their own segment where they have to advertise.The ratings are not the only ones and not the main ones for consideration, the more important is the match or not with the target consumers,” said Nielsen Indonesia Executive Director Hellen Katherina in a discussion at WTC Sudirman, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/17/2016).

He pointed out, Traveloka.com allocated most of its advertising expenditure on news and entertainment programs. Because, news and entertainment audiences are middle-class middle-aged residents who often travel out of town and are familiar with the internet.

“Traveloka mostly advertises in news and entertainment, because it targets internet users who like to walk, such people are usually young, aged 15-29 years old, male, middle class.Compatibility between consumer profile and audience profile is very important, only rating, “he explained.

Then TOP Coffee, when launching its products choose to advertise in the program Top News on Metro TV whose rating is not so great. Because, Top News audience is upper middle class society, TOP Coffee wants to show that the product is not cheap. “Although the price is relatively cheap, he does not want to look cheap,” said Hellen.

Another example, Mie Sedap spends half of its advertising budget on news programs. The reason is simple, rivals have a lot of advertising on entertainment shows, then Mie Sedap take another segment.

“Mie Sedap is almost half of the news program, we can read the marketing strategy here, the competitor, Indomie, most of the ads in the soap operas and entertainment, and if he is there, he will collide.Mie Sedap also wants his brand to be associated with the more classy , “Hellen explained. (hns / hns / Photo: Michael Agustinus-detikFinance)